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How to Enroll

If you are currently eligible for and receiving Medicaid, the state of Delaware Division of Social Services will assign you and your family to a managed care organization (MCO). A Medicaid Health Benefits Manager will help if you:

  • Decide to change health plans.
  • Have questions about your choice of health plans.

You can talk to a Health Benefits Manager by calling 1-800-996-9969.

For AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware members, you can call AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Member Services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at:

  • Diamond State Health Plan: 1-844-211-0966 (TTY 1-855-349-6281).
  • Diamond State Health Plan-Plus: 1-855-777-6617 (TTY 1-855-362-5769).

Adding or removing members

If you have a baby or add a new member to your family, please call the DHSS Change Center at 1-866-843-7212. You also need to let the Change Center know if a family member dies or moves out of your home.